Property Management Service

Once a property has had a tenant allocated to it, arranged the move in and drafted a lease agreement you may think that all the hard work is over.. But it’s been our experience that, sometimes, it has only just begun. Issues such as maintenance problems, rent arrears and difficult tenants arise regularly and resolving them can consume a significant amount of your personal time.

To avoid this, you may consider availing of our property management service which ensures that you enjoy the profits without any of the problems.

Property Management Services.

Our cost-effective property management service includes

  1. Regular property inspections with written reports for you
  2. Dealing with the tenant directly on all matters concerning their tenancy
  3. Rent collection and pursuance of arrears
  4. Arrangement of maintenance and repairs
  5. Online access to all rental statements and property history
  6. Income and expenditure reports provided for year end
  7. Lease renewals and rent reviews

Above and Beyond.

We make it so that the minimal amount of input is required by our clients. It usually only requires opening a letter once a month which contains a statement detailing your rental income.

Any emergency repairs are undertaken by our dedicated team of workers, and for more specialised problems we have reliable contacts to deal with and resolve any situation. Our team can also undertake any redecoration or upgrade a property may need to ensure you achieve the maximum rental potential for your property.

As part of our property management service we arrange all repairs necessary, when required for your property. With over s0 years of experience in the Property Maintenance industry Our team of  Builders and Handymen can quickly identify and resolve necessary repairs.  at a competitive rate.

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We also offer Maintenance Services.

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